Pembrokeshire Youth

Pembrokeshire Youth provides experiences, opportunities, information, advice and personal support for young people aged 11-25 years.

Youth workers work as part of teams within Families of Schools, programmes are delivered by full and part-time youth workers from dedicated youth centres and in community settings across the county, such as community learning centres, schools and community/village halls. Youth centres have a range of programmes and activities on offer as well as community projects that you can get involved in. This short film shows what the Youth Work Strategy for Wales means to young people:


Community Youth Team

The Community Youth Team provides young people aged 11 - 25 with universal access to opportunities, activities and youth clubs within the community. They can offer:

  • opportunities and experiences for the personal, social and political development of young people, including accredited programmes e.g. DofE, Agored Cymru, Sports Leadership, Heartstart 
  • access to advice, information, personal support and guidance
  • opportunities to be involved in decision-making
  • Issue based workshops
  • Residential and holiday programmes
  • Opportunities for volunteering and work experience placements
  • Support for young people who are not in education, employment or training
  • Community engagement programmes for young people to become active citizens and make a contribution to their local environment.


For further information about the Community Youth Work Team please contact:
Liz Griffiths Tel: (01437) 776635    Email:

School Youth Workers

Each secondary school has a youth worker to support young people who are 14yrs and older. 
The youth workers can provide qualifications that are a GCSE equivalent for those who are looking for an alternative to a GCSE subject when this has been agreed as a suitable option by the school. 
This programme is called the ASDAN PSD programme and looks at helping you develop your personal and social skills and covers other areas such as Healthy Living and Preparation for Work.

School based youth workers are also there to support you with any issues that you might be facing either in school, at home or in your community.  As well as supporting you with any needs you may have we also look to provide young people with opportunities to experience new things and see new places including residential trips in this country and abroad. 

If you have any questions about your school based youth worker or what they can do to help you then please contact:

Chris Powles, Targeted Youth Team Manager Telephone: (01437) 776051
Email: Chris Powles



Youth Justice

The Youth Justice Team works with young people who are referred via the Police, the Magistrates Court, Education Department and sometimes from the Child Care Assessment Team. They work in partnership with other agencies to prevent and reduce youth offending and also work with the families of young offenders and victims of crime.
They offer a wide range of opportunities and support to help a young person to reduce their offending and help with issues surrounding youth offending.

For further information on youth justice, please call: (01437) 776038

Targeted Youth Team

If you are 14-25, not in education or training and want some information, advice or support, then the Targeted Youth Team can help.
They can talk to you about your situation and are happy to meet you wherever you feel comfortable, at home, in a youth club or cafe, to talk about your needs and help make a plan of action directed by you.
It can be giving basic information on courses or looking for jobs, or other issues in areas such as housing or benefits.

They can help with:

Transport and support with appointments, meetings and interviews
- Improving your personal skills and confidence
- Youth work support in your community
- Some basic qualifications
- And anything else you feel you need support with

Contact the Targeted Youth Team on:
Telephone: (01437) 775727 or 776118 or 776117

Facebook: Pembrokeshire Youth Outreach Team

Email: Youth Outreach Team

Cam Nesa Project

Substance Misuse Team

This is a referral service through Pembrokeshire Youth Services. However you can access free drugs and alcohol support for people under 18 from Drugaid's Choices.

Drugaid's Choices service offers support, preventative and harm reduction information, and therapeutic and practical help for children, young people and families with their use of drugs and alcohol.

Allied House, Ground Floor,
Perrots Road, Haverfordwest,
SA61 2HD
Telephone: (01554) 755779



For further information about substance misuse click on the following link:
Substance Misuse  


DofE Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a high quality, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable programme of personal development for anyone aged 14-25. To find out what's involved and to learn about the benefits of taking part, visit the Award's own website

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is HUGE in Pembrokeshire and we're proud of the fact that we have some of the highest participation rate in Wales and have had for over 10 years

To find out more about the Award in Pembrokeshire and to find an Award Group to join click here: The Award in Pembrokeshire

If you would like to become a leader with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Pembrokeshire either call Dave Sommerville on (01437) 775235 or send an email: David Sommerville

Check out the DofE Pembrokeshire Facebook page.

Sexual Health and C-Card

The C Card scheme offers free condoms and sexual health information for young people aged 14-25 across Pembrokeshire. If you need to get hold of your C Card, you can register on the scheme with your school nurse or community youth worker

For emergency contraception, it must be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex but the sooner it is taken the more effective it is. Emergency contraception can be available from:

  • Any Community Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic during clinic times. This is a free and confidential service and no appointment is needed
  • Any GP (it does not have to be your own doctor)
  • Selected pharmacies when accredited pharmacist is on duty
  • Alternatively, if you are 16 or over you can buy the emergency pill from most pharmacies or chemists for around £25

To find you're nearest clinic or if you want to make an appointment call: (01267) 248674

Emergency contraception (also known as the morning after pill) is available free from many community pharmacies across Pembrokeshire.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI s) can be treated at specialist Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinics. To find out more or to make an appointment call: (01267) 248674

All clinics GUM clinics are by appointment except drop-in contraception and are free and confidential.


Emotional Health

Pembrokeshire Youth have specialist emotional health workers who work with young people that are referred to them. However if you need help or support with any emotional health issues you can also see our Emotional and Mental Health Support Section

If you are over 16 can also call the Pembrokeshire Counselling Service on:

Telephone: (01437) 768708
Email: Pembrokeshire Counselling Service

Remember, you can also contact your school nurse, college nurse, your doctor or even local youth worker about any emotional health issues that you may have.
It is important that you know there is help out there; all you have to do is reach out and speak to one of these people.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding children and adults is the most important aspect of what we do in Pembrokeshire County Council but it is also everybody's business in Pembrokeshire. Safeguarding is making sure no harm comes to any children and young people but also vulnerable adults.


This means that we need to make sure every child in Pembrokeshire is able to grow up in a loving, safe and secure place, which is free from any type of abuse, neglect or crime and make sure that they enjoy good health and a happy life.


What are we going to do?

Pembrokeshire County Council's most important role is to make sure that all children, young people and vulnerable adults are safeguarded against harm.


We will:

  • Look at the services that we provide that support people to have their say, so to make sure all children and vulnerable adults voices are heard throughout the whole county
  • Make sure that education promotes safeguarding across all of its services
  • Make sure there are enough services and staff to meet the demand of frontline work (such as the work that is direct between children and staff and dealing with their needs)
  • Make sure that safe Human Resources practice takes place in all settings (Human Resources practice are things like storing personal details of people confidentially and private and disposing of personal information correctly)
  • Make sure that if a child, young person or adult tell us that they are worried about themselves or someone else with relation to safeguarding, we will take each and every case seriously and make it our top priority to fix it

Safeguarding slideshow

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