Your Rights and Participation


Children and Young People's Rights Office or CYPRO , helps young people in Pembrokeshire to have a voice and be heard, this is done by providing opportunities for young people to become involved in community activity and decision making such as Youth Forums and The Youth Assembly.

You can find out more about The Youth Assembly and their latest news and projects on their official Facebook page: SHPPI/CYPRO 

and you can also follow them on their Twitter page: Pembs CYPRO

You can contact Rose Davis, the Children and Young People's Rights Officer by telephoning (01437) 775744 or email Rose Davis

Youth Forums

Youth forums are run in various youth clubs around the county and are a great way to get involved in various projects and decision making on a community level. Speak to your youth worker at your local youth club to find out more and if you are interested, check out the different types of youth forums that are active in our county:



Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly for Pembrokeshire meets regularly and the main purpose of the Youth Assembly is to:

If you wish to get involved in any of the youth forums listed, or the official Youth Assembly for Pembrokeshire then please get in touch with the Children and Young People's Rights Office on - (01437) 775295 and ask for Nadine Farmer or you can email her on: Nadine Farmer


Know Your Rights!

Another aspect of the Children and Young People's Rights Office is to raise awareness about children and young people's rights. All young people have rights and these are laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or UNCRC .

Follow this link to find out about your rights: UNCRC Child Friendly Language

For more information about anything mentioned above or the Pembrokeshire Youth website please call Rose Davis on (01437) 775744 who is the Children and Young People's Rights Officer for Pembrokeshire.



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