Youth Assembly Meet the Cabinet


Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly held a joint meeting with Pembrokeshire County Council Cabinet members on 20th February, where the young people were able to discuss issues important to them and ask questions about the cabinet's plans for future service provision for young people in Pembrokeshire.

The Youth Assembly is a representative group of all secondary school councils and youth forums in Pembrokeshire. They meet monthly to get involved in decision-making, both locally and at a national level.

Councillors explained to the young people that they had some difficult financial decisions to make in the near future, and that inevitably cuts would have to be made to jobs within the council if they were to balance the budget. Cllr Bob Kilmister explained a plan suggested by Cllr Michelle Bateman to maintain youth clubs for 2019-20, using an underspend in this year's budget, that would be voted upon in full council the following day (this motion was passed the following day, and youth clubs are now safe for 2019-20). Jade Roberts, joint Chair of Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly, said "we were really grateful that the Cabinet were so open and honest about the issues facing us in the coming year. I'm so glad to hear that the youth clubs across Pembrokeshire are safe for another year, as these are a valuable resource for so many young people."

Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly aims to:

Represent the views of children and young people in Pembrokeshire.
• Ensure decision-makers listen to the voices of children and young people.
• Ensure that the voices of vulnerable young people are heard.
• Get involved in the development of policies and activities affecting children and young people.
• Develop and deliver young people-led project ideas that will benefit other young people.
• Get involved in national projects that listen to young people and empower them to have a voice.

ID: 86, Revised: 5/3/2019