Focus on School-Based Youth Work

Each secondary school has a youth worker who supports young people who are 14yrs and older.

The youth workers can provide qualifications that are a GCSE equivalent for those who are looking for an alternative to a GCSE subject when this has been agreed as a suitable option by the school.
This programme is called the Personal Social Development (PSD) programme, and it looks at helping young people to develop personal and social skills and covers other areas such as Healthy Living and Preparation for Work.

Megan Carlisle, a Year 11 student from Tasker Milward School and recent winner of the Radio Pembrokeshire Young Carer Award, is working with school-based youth worker Suzanne Moses on activities including the Personal Social Development Course Level 2 as part of her GCSE options. She recently raised £102 for Pembrokeshire Mind.

Megan organised a cake sale as part of Youth Mental Health Awareness Week. Megan has suffered from depression herself and campaigns hard to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by young people. She also offers valuable support to other young people, and has set up a support group at Tasker Milward School. Megan plans her sessions around activities which she knows will encourage young people to explore and discuss their feelings around mental health.


A young person from Tenby has had her commitment to volunteering recognised.

Greenhill School pupil Tegan Foley was recently named as Welsh Athletics' volunteer of the month after volunteering at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Seventeen-year-old Tegan, who helped at the games alongside her father Luke, was a field of play team member responsible for bringing out and moving the athletics blocks and marker lanes for the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and hurdles events.

Based in the Carrara Stadium for the athletics, Tegan, herself a fine athlete, saw many athletes, including those in Team Wales.

"Volunteering for the 2018 Commonwealth Games was a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that I will always be proud of," she said.

"Being a start line assistant meant that I was responsible for carrying out the blocks and lane markers for many of the sprint and hurdle races.

"The most exciting part of the Games for me was seeing athletes push themselves to the absolute limit and beyond," she added.


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